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bearded pig.JPG
Bearded pig

HuntGeo is hunting Bearded pig and Banded pig in Borneo. Follow our tracks and hunt with us in Malaysia and Borneo and get trophies like Asian water buffalo,  Bearded pig, Banded pig, Mouse deer, Salt water crocodile and few more

Aoudad Sheep

HuntGeo offer you a unique hunt in Morocco. We have exclusive  limited permits for free range Aoudad sheep in the natural North African habitat 

Elephant Botswana.jpg

We can offer one of the best elephant hunting in Botswana. Hunting next to National park and Okavango Delta . Beside the Elephant we hunt also Leopard, Buffalo and different species of plains game

Persian desert ibex.jpeg
Persian Desert Ibex

The magic of mountain hunting in a hidden treasure "Iran" Persian desert Ibex, Kerman, Esfhan, Shiraz, Red,  Armenian, Arak sheep together with Trans-caspian Urial and Persian gazelle are  the unique trophies. Follow our tracks to an extraordinary mountain hunt in Iran