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weatherby award winner.png
Weatherby award 2023

HuntGeo is proud to announce that our client and dear friend Bela Hidvegi is winner of the Weatherby Award 2023

Aoudad Sheep

HuntGeo offer you a unique hunt in Morocco. We have exclusive  limited permits for free range Aoudad sheep in the natural North African habitat 

lesser mouse deer.JPG
Mouse deer

HuntGeo is hunting Greater and Lesser Mouse deer in Borneo. Follow our tracks and hunt with us in Malaysia and Borneo and get trophies like Asian water buffalo, Salt water crocodile , different Civet cats and few more

Zebra Duiker

The magic of Jungle hunting in a hidden treasure "Liberia" Zebra Duiker, Ogilby Duiker, Yellow Backed Duiker, Maxwell Duiker, Black Duiker are few of many more unique trophies. Follow our tracks to an extraordinary Jungle hunt in Liberia

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