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Blanford Urial 

HuntGeo is hunting Blanford Urial and Sindh Ibex in Pakistan. Follow our tracks and hunt with us in Baluchistan and get trophies like Blanford Urial, Sindh Ibex, Chinkara and Kennion gazelle as well Blackbuck

Aoudad Sheep

HuntGeo offer you a unique hunt in Morocco. We have exclusive  limited permits for free range Aoudad sheep in the natural North African habitat 

Nubian ibex .HEIC
Nubian Ibex

We are proud that we can offer again hunting in Sudan. Hunting in the Red Sea mountain and Nubian desert for the elusive Nubian Ibex, Eritrean Gazelle and Aoudad sheep 

Persian desert ibex.jpeg
Persian Desert Ibex

The magic of mountain hunting in a hidden treasure "Iran" Persian desert Ibex, Kerman, Esfhan, Shiraz, Red,  Armenian, Arak sheep together with Trans-caspian Urial and Persian gazelle are  the unique trophies. Follow our tracks to an extraordinary mountain hunt in Iran