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Sharks have more reason to fear humans than humans have to fear sharks

shark fining

Of the approximately 500 species of sharks, 74 species are classified as globally threatened and 26 of these are classified as Critically Endangered or Endangered. Among these threatened sharks are the world’s largest fishes, the whale shark and basking shark.

Overfishing is the main threat to shark species around the world. Total reported capture production for sharks, skates, and rays—usually recorded and reported as a group rather than as individual species—is in the hundreds of thousands of metric tons, and the unreported catch, though unknown, may be several times larger. While expanding demand in Chinese markets for shark fin for shark fin soup and European and other markets for meat has been an important driver of fisheries for these species, liver oil, skin, and other products are also valued and traded for different markets. Among the most valuable "shark" fins are those from non-shark rays, such as sawfishes and guitarfishes.

It is predicted that up to 273 million sharks are killed, by humans, every year, with an average of approximately 100 million. This equates to an average of almost 274,000 sharks every day. With so many sharks being taken from our oceans the time for action is now.  We are actively involved in shark conservation efforts around the world and encourages all visitors to get involved and make a difference.  Shark protection and conservation is of upmost importance if we wish to maintain a healthy balance in the world's oceans. 

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