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Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs"  (Henry Ford)
Each of our network partners is an expert in his job, together we are one of the most powerful global  team specialized in the business of hunting, diving and adventure safaris

Anian from Austria,  former special forces, professional hunter, long range shooting expert, is guide for Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Poland, Czech Republic

Sardar Megal.jpeg

Sardar Akhtar Mengal, our partner and outfitter from Pakistan. He is leader of the largest tribe from Baluchistan. In our program are 3 different Markhor, 3 different Urial, 2 different Ibex as well Blue sheep, Gazelle, Nilgai, water buffalo, Hog deer, Axis deer

Werner  Huntgeo

Werner from Austriadivemaster, expedition leader, worldchampion in underwater photography, profi photograph and autor from travelogues

Artem Huntgeo

Artem from Russia, an outfitter, is our  hunting & trekking guide for the most parts of Russia, North Europaen and Asian countries and guaranties successful adventure and unique trophies


Jeffrey from Austria "the human stag" is our professional hunter and guide  for Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia,Slovenia and Croatia. 


Rodrigo from France, is professional hunter since many years. He is our  specialist for West,  Central and  North Africa. Many top ten trophies can get tracked through him  

 Patricio Huntgeo

Patricio from Argentina, is an outfitter and wellknown by hunters all over the world. Nobody can advise and guide you in Argentina and  other South American countries better  


Jacques from South Africa, a legend on his own, is an outfitter & PH with the best experience for dangerous and plains game, specialized for South Africa,  Zimbabwe, Botswana & Mosambique

John Huntgeo

John from Canada, a wildlife biologist, game keeper, outfitter & professional hunter and expert for hunting, fishing and outdoor activities covers  Canada &  Arctic 

stephan und ich.jpeg

Stephan from Tanzania, comes from traditional hunting family and guides  all our safaris in the legendary Selous, Mozambique and Zimbabwe

Majid Huntgeo

Majid from Dubai , with more than 40 years experience in wildlife, trekking and fishing make him to an unmatched expert in our network

Duncan Huntgeo

Duncan from New Zealand ,  his pristine game habitats are family owned and renowned for producing the biggest red stags. Besides world class red stag we offer also hunts for tahr, chamois, fallow, elk, sika, samba, rusa, goat, ram and boar


Michel from Tanzania , is hunting in the steppe of Massai, in the west and centre of Tanzania or in the Selous game reserve. His slogan: maximum success at a minimal risk 


Christian from Uganda,  is outfitter and a professional hunter and have left his footprint around the best hunting areas from  Uganda, Ethiopia, Sudan, Cameroon, Mozambique and C.A.R

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